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People speak the truth...


I was fortunate enough, to get a review copy of The low cost traffic masterplan. Actually, i would call it different: The low cost Traffic MASTERPIECE, because that says, what it is! It is not one of the WSOs, which just tells you, how to do your SEO right. Yes, it has also a part for that, but that is only for the long term. Everybody wants traffic, and everybody wants it fast. With all the different ways, which Ross explains here, you can get huge amounts of TARGETED traffic fast, and most of it even FREE!!!!

~ Tobias AKA Aktex1


Disclaimer I recieved a copy for an honest review Thanks Ross.

This is quite a value packed guide at 47 pages full of great tips discussing a variety of traffic strategies. The best bits to my mind is the fact that the guide is set out quite logically so that you can simply choose which area your most interested in and follow the suggestions given.

It's also easy to set out a daily or weekly schedule and I think fairly easy to stick to it.

~ Keren AKA Flyingpig7

Cal P.

In general, all the methods both free and paid to generate targeted traffic indicated in the report are easy to implement. What someone just need to do is to pick one of the methods and explore it to the fullest before moving to the next method. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your report.

~ incomeguru