Wonder how to get an article (300 words or more) for only $1?



There are a lot of people offering article for $2-$5. Every now and then there are new writers looking for reviews and better feedback scores (that’s a rating system that DP is using, very similar to review systems on freelance sites). Because new writers will desperately want to get your feedback, they will lower the prices even to $1 per article. That’s the opportunity for you to save some money.


How to find these writers? Create a new thread [WTB] (Want To Buy) where you want hire someone to write 1 article for $3. From the responses choose 3-5 writers with no feedback or really low and tell them you can give them good feedback if they write an article for $1. It’s an easy deal and most people will accept it. You can later on work longterm with such writer for lower prices (maybe $2, $3).



That’s considered one of the cheapest freelance sites. There are a low of writers charging as low as $1 per article. Same as above, you want to create a project where you offer more $ per article to attract more bids. Then you preselect the bids with low ratings and offer them an exchange. You can repeat it many times as there are always new writers looking to establish their reputation. You can also look for other freelance sites and repeat the process.


Warning! These articles may not be the highest quality. You may need to make some minor changes, tweaks and fixes. $1 per article doesn’t give a lot of motivation to the writer if it takes him $1 to write it. Still, you can get some quality and motivated writers. Just remember that nothing is for free. Paying more per article will save you some time, paying less may require extra time for selecting appropriate writer, and fixing the article later on. It’s up to you what you value more. If you have a tight budget it’s the way to go to test different strategies and don’t risk much. Work smarter, not harder 🙂


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