I have here the 12 ways on how to increase sales of your one
time offer. We all know that we rely on traffic to get more
sales and subscribers, the one thing I see that more internet
marketers is not utilizing nor improving is the OTO or the

There are OTO which focus on upselling while others use the
downselling. Upselling is the offer after an offer which price
is higher than the previous one while downselling is the opposite
of the upselling.

When we utilize the OTO, we can get more sales. Increasing sales
of OTO is important because we also utilize the traffic we can
get. Some people when they have 1% conversion they do is to add
more traffic and not updating their sales letter. Imagine if we
have 1% of 1,000? How many sales is that? How much upsell and
downsell we could probably get?

Think of this way, imagine if we improve our sales or OTO sales
to 3 or 5%?

All we have to do next is to focus on traffic like ad swap, solo
ads, PPC, etc. If you’re focus on list building ad swap and solo
ads is more targeted.

Here are the 12 ways on how to increase sales of your one time offer:

1. Make sure your offer is relevant
I was smiling when I see an offer that is not related nor
relevant to the freebie. How can they get a sale on that?
I’m not smiling because I’m happy that they don’t know
what is the purpose of the OTO. It’s because when you use
a one-time-offer, you’ll have to use your common sense.

2. Use noticeable text
This is like the heading issue. You’ll have to get their
attention to focus on your offer. Their attention after
they subscribe is to download your freebie, so you’ll have
to divert temporarily their attention to check your offer
and let them know that their download is still in process.

3. Offer a premium or advance version
This is an obvious and easy to sell since you’ll provide
more benefit or features. Right after they subscribe, they
already know the benefit they could get, all you have to
do is to show more and let them know what you’re offering is
really necessary and could help them a lot.

4. Use several order links
By having several order links, it’s easier for them to order
and it is time savers for them. Use between 3 and 5 order

5. Split product offers or improve conversion
Offer different products on every subscribers and check
the status of which product is converting well. When you
get a sale, try to improve the sales letter of that product
and stay that product on the list of rotating products.

6. Make your pricing so tempting
Tell them that the price is regularly selling on your site
for $97 and you’re offering if for only $17. Make sure the
value of your product is really $97 and above.

7. Use a difference table
Show them the difference of what you’re offering and the offers
of your competitors. Show a list of benefits they could get
when they order your OTO. If it is a package then show off
the price list of each components.

8. Make sure it is an irresistible offer or offer they can’t refuse
As the subject’s definition, just brainstorm what product is
really want and need of your subscribers. Be sensitive and
observe more.

9. Make your offer stratight to the point and hang up by teasing them
Time is really matters on the OTO. Use it. If you have 20
benefits of your offers, tell them at least five most important
benefits and tell them in the top five they are really important
and you still have 15 more that could blow their mind.

10. Enhance the urgency of your offer
Use urgency text when neede or expiry time and date. Since it
is an OTO, they could see it once and they could get it until
your scheduled expiry time and date.

11. Use last chance offer
In your autoresponder, one of the email series will explain the
benefit of your offer and offer it again as a last chance offer.
It is one of the benefit as your subscriber since they already
got 5 emails they opened.

12. Offer a unique product
A product you only offer to your subscribers and it is not available

With these tips or ways to get more sales of your OTO, I think
you’ll focus more on traffic after and maybe you’ll outsource it.

Look at this way, when you have at least 2% sales and you ordered a
solo ad to a marketer related to your niche for 1000 clicks and you’ll
have 30 to 50% conversion of your freebie page, you could get around
400 subscribers. You could get 8 sales on the OTO, how about the
downsell or upsell? How about the email series? How about the future

Think of it. You’ll have new 400 subscribers that could buy your future
offers. You’ll have new buyers and your investment to purchase the solo
ad can easily get back.

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