As an internet marketer, your list is one of your biggest assets, but how good of an asset it is depends on a few things. What you want is a targeted list of people ready and willing to buy from you. If you want that, you need to build a relationship with your list, which isn’t always the easiest thing if you don’t know how to go about it. These tips may seem pretty basic and common knowledge, but many people seem to forget about them when setting up their autoresponder series or sending our broadcasts. As you read each tip, really think about your own list. Are you really doing all three of these things?

1. Only email your list offers that will benefit them and fit their interests.

If you have a list this is most likely the main way you profit from it. Before you send out a broadcast or set up an autoresponder series, really think on each offer. Ask yourself, “Will this benefit my list? Is it something they will really want?” If the answer is yes, go for it! If the answer is no, trash that email. Sure, you are missing out on some possible profit, but the key is to build trust with your list. Sending offers irrelevant to your list, or even worse, offers that don’t actually benefit them, will cause you to lose both trust and subscribers.

2. Make your emails content rich and interesting.

You want your subscribers to look forward to each and every email. When that email hits their inbox you want them to see your name and think “I should read that right away!” You do this by offering value with each email. Share information in your niche, stories, anything that will get your readers eager to open each and every email you send. You can still pitch, but pitch within your content rich emails so they don’t feel like you are only emailing to pitch to them.

You also want to try and make your emails interesting. Let your personality shine through and let them know you are a person sending these emails. Share stories about yourself, link to your Twitter and Facebook, give them interesting facts. If your readers feel like they know you they will trust you more.

3. Give away freebies.

There is some debate about how often you should give freebies, but everyone agrees they are a great way to build trust and keep your list happy. Of course, don’t give away any old freebie, give them quality freebies that they will love. For instance, if you find a good, high quality PLR report in your niche, it could be a great freebie. Don’t feel like you can’t put an affiliate link or two in there though!

All of these tips basically come down to the same thing: keep your lists interests in mind. You want to appear more like a trusted friend or adviser than a salesperson. Always think about whether or not  your readers will find value in your emails before you send them and your list will become more trusting and much more responsive.

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