In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I shared with you some quick and easy ways to leverage your investment by capitalizing on other people’s resources. Specifically I showed you how to take advantage of other people’s hot products which they spent a lot of time, effort, and money on brainstorming, creating, and then […]

Forum marketing can be a highly productive way to market your internet business, but only if you use it correctly.  Most advice about forum marketing isn’t the most productive in the world.  “Show up on forums,” it tells you.  “Read everything in sight.  Then start making those useful, informative comments that will brand you as […]

Internet marketing productivity can sometimes be a difficult skill to master.  That’s because productivity often implies tasks which are neatly measurable and which produce direct results.  Most internet marketing, however, is all about building relationships and getting your name and website out to the people who might be interested in it, all while unselfishly building […]

Internet marketers have deceived a lot of new entrepreneurs by painting a poor picture of what internet marketing productivity is all about.  If you listen to many gurus you’ll get an inaccurate picture of your workday.  The average marketer will tell you that it’s all about putting up your website, buying their software package, and […]

Internet marketing productivity is a difficult ideal to grasp specifically because there are so many different techniques to master.  It’s easy to get caught up in a crush of information.  SEO, social media marketing, social bookmarking, forum marketing, article marketing, blog comment marketing, relationship building, community building, pay-per-click advertising, back links and JV partnerships.  Any […]