You do not have your own product but you want to earn on the Internet? Do you want to give up your cubicle to work-at-home? How do you earn if you do not have a product? There is a way and hundreds of Affiliate Marketers have been successful in it.

You may have a website, you understand autoresponder, and you know how to build your mailing list. How will these help you become a profitable internet entrepreneur?

The answer is ClickBank is a marketplace with thousands of products available. These products are available for sale and for affiliate marketers as well. Many internet marketers earn from ClickBank by merely promoting existing products.

ClickBank is easy to use and therefore, even novice marketers can earn good with ClickBank. All you need is a little understanding of the market, the niche, and the popularity of your subject.

ClickBank offers features like:

  • Any one can work on with ClickBank and sell from it anywhere you have internet connection.

  • ClickBank affiliates can choose their own working hours. All they need is to promote the product and affiliates will get a commission. Product development is therefore not an issue with affiliates.

  • You do not need to keep an inventory of the products you want to promote. You do not have to buy it, all you need is to refer a buyer into the manufacturer’s website, and if your website browser decides to buy, then you earn a commission from this sale.

  • You do not need to deal with customers. ClickBank and the product manufacturer do servicing.

  • No shipping and handling. All products are digital and services that does not need shipping or handling. No packaging, most of them are available through download.

  • You spend minimal up-front investment. All you need is an understanding of the product and a registration.

  • You are in control of your business; your success is entirely up to you.

  • Commission rate ranges from 20% to 70% for easy sale. Where else can you get a commission this high other than from ClickBank.

ClickBank pays affiliates every 15th and 30th of the month. It is therefore easy to get paid and thus you will realize profit sooner than you think.

Now, you know that it is easy to earn good commission in ClickBank; you are now ready to select a product to promote.

How to choose ClickBank products to promote?

Think of your stored knowledge. What subject are you familiar with. What niche market can you continuously solve problems with? What subject or niche are you willing to spend time on research and creating articles about?

The products in your niche will be the best product you will promote. If you are passionate about a subject, this can be a good niche for you to market. If you are passionate about it, it will not be difficult for you to research and talk about this subject for long hours.

Other things you need to consider:

  • Popularity
  • Commission per Sale
  • Effectivity of the sales letter
  • Website professionalism
  • What people have to say about the product


Are many affiliate marketers promoting this product? If this product is popular among affiliate marketers, chances are, this product is good and that there are many people interested in buying this product.

This works the same with understanding the niche market. If there are advertisers in such a niche then there is possibility of earning from this niche.

For a product, there should be a good chance of earning well in commission from this product if it is popular. There are statistics you can look at to decide if the product is a good bet for you. If there are many people searching for this product or service, chances are there are advertisers. If there are advertisers, this is a profitable product to promote.

You do not need to choose the most popular product and promote this product alone. You need to have a number of products in your portfolio and you need to review all of them as well.

Update your list every so often. You will need to know which once sell well. Popularity may change form time to time.

Commission per Sale

You may also look at the commissions earned by affiliate on a certain product. If there are many affiliates earning good commission in the product then this is a good product to promote.

You may also think of your commission per sale. If you want to earn good promoting ClickBank products, look at a product that will pay $20.00 commission per sale. Whatever commission rate is offered, you need to earn a minimum of $20.00 to ensure that you will be able to have a few dollars in your pocket after hours of hunting for clients.

You will also be able to find trending on commissions paid per sale. This will help you decide if this is the product, you can promote and if there are interests in this ClickBank product.

Effective Sales Letter

You are successful leading your visitors to your manufacturer’s website, he sees the sales letter, he will do either of two things, click back, or read the offering?

It is therefore important for you to look at the sales letter. If the sales letter is enticing for you to read to the bottom, this could be good.

Remember, the sales letter needs to grab your attention in the first 8 seconds. If it does, then may be the sales letter will grab your buyers attention as well.

If it provides solution to a problem and continuously hook you into the product, then may be it may do the same with buyer.

Conversion may be good if the sales letter is easy to read. The sales letter has to have an effective first paragraph, good sub-headings and short paragraphs. Another important thing, does it states a unique selling proposition?

It is provides everything a good sales letter is, then, this product will be able to convert browsers to sales.

Your link will therefore work to your advantage. Promote this product and you may earn good at it.

Website professionalism

Does the website have a headline that catches your attention? Does it have a benefit driven headline?

Is it professionally designed?

Did the website keep you interested longer than 8 seconds?

If the website carries a good headline and captures your interest, there is a chance you can promote it and convert browsers into buyers.

Does the website provide testimonials from satisfied buyers?

Finally, if the website has a money back guarantee, many ClickBank buyers may not worry pulling out their wallet and paying for the product you are affiliate with.

What people have to say about the product?

As a final measure for the profitability of a ClickBank product, try to look for reviews online.

Good reviews will assure you that the product is a good product to promote.

You may also see bad reviews and comments. Analyze the product not just with good reviews but bad reviews as well. This will give you an understanding of what problems others may face with the product.

You can therefore mention that in your campaigns and promotional letters. If the good reviews out weight the bad reviews, you are good with this product.

The above points may help you to choose a ClickBank product to promote properly. These tips however will not ensure your success if you do not work well on your promotional campaigns.

You may also think of your website design. Again, I will presume at this point that you have designed your website to your niche or subject of interest. If you do and you choose the product within the same niche, there is no problem promoting the product.

There may be other parameters for you to look for in choosing the ClickBank product to promote. Let the next section help you in proper ClickBank product selection.

Think again, do you have enough information on this niche? If you do, then may be this is the best product you can link your business into.

Here’s what I do:

I go to Clickbank’s Marketplace and search for a niche. I selected 50 items per page so that I can see many items and sort by popularity to display the popular products first on the list then I will list down all products that will display.

When the products displays, find if there are affiliate links indicated in the description, view the sales page to check if the product is good or not and write down the hop link (affiliate link). You also need not to rely on the gravity or popularity because you don’t know how many affiliates are promoting the product that is why the popularity is high and sometimes when the gravity is very low, you don’t know if the product is just new. So, you need to list it down and check it later. Maybe the product was really good but no affiliate is promoting it.

Better check the sales page and the order process if your affiliate ID is reflected in the order form of Clickbank.

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