1.  Ultra-Effective Article Spinning Tool For 100% FREE




Spinning is a quite new idea developed by marketers. The main problem with article marketing is that you need a lot of articles written. You also need all of them to be unique. It takes a lot of time or money if you are outsourcing. But there is an easier way!


Spinning allows you to create unlimited amounts of article versions. It involves changing words, phrases, sentences or even paragraphs.


How to spin your article?


This is a {useful | amazing | helpful} {site | tool | resource}.


This is a simple spinned sentence. Words between { and } will be randomly selected in each spin. That will create a lot of variations.


Possible variations:


This is useful site.

This is amazing resource.

This is helpful site.

This is amazing tool.


As you see, even though we spinned just 2 words, it already created a lot of unique options. Imagine to spin few words here and there in each sentence of your article. It’s actually pretty simple to come up with similar phrases. You can use Thesaurus.


Spinning an article may take from 15-30 minutes but imagine how many article variations you will get! You can then distribute these unique article variations to different article directories, web 2.0 sites, blogs and social sites. It will give you better links, more traffic and higher SEO results.



2.  Quality Article Rewriting Services For Just $5 Per Article


You can get your article spinned for as low as $5 per 500 words article. If you value your time, that’s a really good deal.


These are my top 3 sites to look for quality spinning services:






How to find the best article rewriting providers?


Each forum has a rating service where people rate workers. Look for providers with the best ratings. If you’re just starting out, don’t try new providers with no feedback or testimonials. It may save you some money but there is some risk involved. There are many well-established article rewriting services with hundreds of replies on threads that are much safer to choose.


Buying in bulk can give you some discount. Always ask for bulk discounts if you are buying 5+ article rewrites. Most provides will offer you some good price.


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