So how can I make money with article marketing?


That’s the key question every marketer will ask 🙂


I believe that if you are just starting out, promoting affiliate programs is the easiest way to make money online.


The tactic I’m going to introduce here is called Bum Marketing. It involves writing a lot of short, keyword optimized articles promoting some affiliate program. It focuses on volume not quality.


The keyword research is a crucial part of this tactic. You need to find the keywords with traffic but very little competition.  With good keywords you can easily get on page 1 on Google. That’s your goal.


The main benefits of this method is that you can start right away. You can write all the article for free, so there is no cost. You’ll also experience a lot of sales coming very quickly after you’ve written a lot of articles. The momentum will build over time.


Step-by-step action plan:


  1. Go to and select a product with gravity >20 and $ per sale >$30
  2. Do keyword research using words that relate to this niche (for example for ebook about natural remedies, you may type herbal remedies, natural cures, natural remedies and so on). Find 10-15 good keywords with >20 searches a day and <10,000 competition with quotes. It may take some time to find these keywords but don’t give up!
  3. Write 15 articles (400 words each) and submit them to EzineArticles, Squidoo and Hubpages. Include the affiliate link in the resource box under your article. If ezinearticles requires a custom domain name, but .info domain name (for $1) and redirect it to your affiliate link.
  4. Bookmark them using
  5. Repeat the process for the next product.



Yes, it’s that simple. The success of this method will depend on your keyword research and product selection. The quality of the article can also drive more clicks.


Bum marketing is all about volume. The more articles you write, the more money you will make. There is no way to know exactly how much money are you going to make but you will definitely generate some traffic.


If you don’t want to write these articles on your own, you can always outsource. Check chapter 1 for more information about it.


Bum marketing tips:


  • Find the niche that you have some knowledge about. It will be more fun for you.
  • Use Yahoo Answer for keyword research. See what people type in questions for your niche.
  • Write FAQ articles, answer most common questions that you found on yahoo answers or forums.
  • Be consistent. Write and submit new articles every day. The traffic will come, and sales will come. Be persistent!
  • Write interesting headlines. Use numbers and words like: secrets, lies, discover, learn, powerful, ground-breaking, guaranteed, free. These are power words that will bring more eyeballs to your articles. Example: “Discover 4 Renegade Tips How To Grow Delicious Tomatoes 50% Faster… Guaranteed”.
  • Create 1,2 line persuasive resource box. Use click here as your link. Ask question, make your reader curious. Create desire to click to learn more. For example: “If You Want To Learn More Incredible Secrets About Tomato Growing CLICK HERE”, and make click here hyperlinked (HTML code: <a href=”http://www.youraffiliatelink”>click here</a>).

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