If you are trying to build a list, and if you have a website you should be, one of the most important aspects of your site is your squeeze page.

Your squeeze page has one specific job: converting visitors to subscribers. There are a lot of factors involved when creating a high converting squeeze page, but your goal should be to get to a 50% opt-in rate or higher. This means half of the people visiting your squeeze page sign up for your offer.

Here are three quick tips to get your squeeze page converting.

1. Offer something of value.

This sounds pretty obvious but a lot of people seem to forget it. You would be surprised how many marketers hope to get opt-ins while offering outdated, low quality reports filled with affiliate links and little to no valuable information. This simply does not work. You need to offer something of value that your visitors will want. Remember, you are asking for their email address and the ability to continue to contact them, they want something in return to show you aren’t going to fill their inbox with useless emails. Your offer goes a long way in showing your subscribers what to expect from your emails. If your offer is no good, why should they expect better from your emails?

2. Use graphics to help sell your offer.

You want a professional and clean squeeze page. This is very important for increasing conversions. Adding graphics can go a long way with making your squeeze page look professional, just don’t overdo it! Look around at squeeze pages in your niche. What kinds of graphics are they using? Don’t take these graphics, but get an idea of what looks good and try to incorporated professional looking graphics into your squeeze page. This could include things like headers, arrows, bullet points, and ebook covers.

3. Be exciting.

You want your visitors to be excited about subscribing. Your offer should be exciting and valuable. Come up with a catchy title and be sure to tell them why they need to sign up for your offer. Don’t simply talk about the features of your free product or offer, talk about the problems it will solve. For example, rather than explaining your free report contains 5 ways to help eliminate back pain, talk about how after reading this report and implementing what is inside they will be able to spend more time playing with their kids or enjoying activities they have been unable to participate in because of their back pain.

4. Change the text on the submit button for your opt-in box.

For most any autoresponder the default text on the submit button will be ‘Submit.’ Change it up. Turn that button into a call to action, just begging to be clicked. Change it to something like ‘Download Now’ or ‘Send me my free report!’ It helps a lot. It emphasizes that by clicking that button they will be receiving their free gift, which makes them much more likely to do it. This simple change can drastically change your conversion rate for the better.

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