What does it take to create (or make) money?

Typically, it takes an investment on your part, of some kind, doesn’t it?

Usually that investment is in the form of work/effort/labor, time (to either do the work or to come up with the idea,)…and oftentimes, it also requires an investment of, well, money, i.e. some starting capital, funds to invest, etc.

So… what does it mean to create money “out of thin air?”

Keeping the earlier points in mind, it would imply that creating money out of thin air would require no investment (or very little investment) of your time, effort, or startup cash.

In this particular case, we will focus on making money using the Internet…which would normally require (for starters) that you create or buy a product which you would sell to others.

Obviously, creating your own product would require some investment of your time, effort, and/or money. (Buying a product would certainly require an investment of cash.)

So, how would you create money out of thin air, which (in this case) would entail securing a product to sell?

The quickest and easiest way would be to find an existing product – and partner up with the owner and/or seller of that product.

That may seem like it would require a lot of time and effort on your part, but it really doesn’t…IF you know what kind of product to go for, and where to look.

The best product to sell on the Internet (or anywhere else) is information. Because, unlike any other product, information can be sold over and over again.

You can sell the same information multiple times, without having to do any additional work to create that product. (You cannot do that with any tangible product, like a computer, chair, food, etc. In order to sell a tangible product, you have to create a new one every time you sell one.)

(And, just in case you’re curious…yes, information is a huge money-maker on the Internet. Millions upon millions are made each year by selling informational products. And, you can get a piece of that pie.)

Now, that we’ve chosen the type of product to sell, i.e. informational products, it’s time to find existing products instead of creating your own from scratch – because we want to save time and effort, as always.

One of the best places to find existing informational products is Clickbank.com

Once you’re at the site, just click on the “Promote Products” tab and get set up to promote other people’s hot-selling products for free!

That means, no investment is required, on your part, to…

– research a hot product idea
– create the product , or…
– pay money to have somebody create it for you
– write an order-pulling sales letter, or…
– pay someone to create the sales letter for you
– create or buy captivating graphics for your sales letter
– pay for a domain name and web site hosting

Yes, the product owner/seller (or vendor, in this case) will do all of that for you! (After all, it is his/her product.)

And, the product vendor will often give you up to 75% of the profits for each product that you help him sell!

(Don’t worry, I will show you how to easily promote other people’s products without too much effort or cash investment on your part.)

Now, think about it… wouldn’t it be dramatically easier for you to “plug into” somebody else’s hot-seller and earn a commission than to do all of the work yourself, from scratch?

Wouldn’t that save you a significant amount of investment of your time, effort, and even your hard-earned cash?

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to have the product vendor do most of the work for you?

Of course it would! That’s why I highly recommend that you start with this method.

Okay…now let’s quickly talk about which kind of product you should market…

In this particular situation, since Clickbank already has a successful marketplace set up, it won’t take up too much of your time or effort to find a hot-selling product.

All you would have to do is click on the “Marketplace” link on Clickbank’s site, and you’ll be shown a whole bunch of popular categories to choose from.

My advice to you would be to choose a category that you personally have a passion for – or at least an interest in. Doing so will ensure that you enjoy – and stick with – this money-making process just a little more than others would.

After you choose at least one category from the Marketplace, the easiest thing to do would be to pick a product (or products) that Clickbank has decided to place towards the top of it’s list. (Hey, why do any extra work when Clickbank is already giving you their best performers/earners, right?)

And, once you’ve looked at their top performers, you can choose the products based on how much commissions they pay you (the higher the better,) which one seems most exciting or appealing to you, etc.

The rest of it doesn’t really matter all that much. Sure, you can do a lot more analyses and discussion about which one is the absolute best product to promote. (If you’re interested in that, let me know.)

But, if you’re starting out, at least in that particular category, just pick something that Clickbank has chosen to be a top performer (i.e. earner) and go with it.

Once you have done that, the only thing left to do is to start promoting that product (using an affliate link with your own personal Clickbank ID embedded within the link. All of that is explained at the “Promote Products” tab at the Clickbank site (which you would have already checked out by now.)

Getting people (or “traffic”) to the product of your choice is a whole other subject. And I will explain all of that in another, upcoming article.

And there you have it. That’s just one of the ways in which you can create money out of thin air, i.e. without doing too much work but instead letting other people do most of the work for you.

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