In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, I shared with you some quick and easy ways to leverage your investment by capitalizing on other people’s resources.

Specifically I showed you how to take advantage of other people’s hot products which they spent a lot of time, effort, and money on brainstorming, creating, and then getting them to the “ready to sell” stage.

All you had to do was “plug in” to their existing money machines and start earning a profit…as much as 100% of it.

In this section, I would like to share with you an easy way to create traffic out of thin air! (If you don’t already know, “traffic” is just a fancy word for the process of getting people – or potential customers – to your offer (for the product you’re trying to promote.)

One of most important components of the information-marketing business, i.e. the business we’ve been discussing in this series, is…well… information!

But, we’re not just talking about any ol’ information. We’re referring to information that is valuable and useful to your readers.

Now, you could write this information yourself. However, since the focus of this report is to create traffic (and eventually money) out of thin air, we are going to continue focusing on the quickest and easiest ways to get things done.

And, once again, we are going to capitilize on other people’s resources (which they are happy to share with you, by the way) in creating this valueable and useful content.

One of the best ways to find valueable content to repurpose and distribute is to, once again, do a search on Google.

This time, you are going to search for “free private label rights” (also known as “PLR”) that other authors and marketers are offering out there.

Many of these PLR products (or packages) can be retrieved for free – and that’s why we are first going to search for the free alternatives.

Once you find some of this free content, by searching on Google, you can then repurpose and/or repackage it for consumption by your readers, i.e. potential (future) buyers.

Important: Before you start distributing somebody else’s PLR content, be sure to read through their “terms and conditions” for that product/package.

If someone doesn’t allow free distribution of his/her content, you should look for other sources/authors. (If the terms and conditions are not very clear about the “free distribution” of any particular content, don’t risk it… just skip that package and find another one that outlines its distribution terms more clearly.)

Obviously, you would be interested in finding and distributing relevant content. In other words, if you are trying to sell a product about bodybuilding, you would want to search for free PLR content on bodybuilding, or at least on the general “health and fitness” subject area.

There’s no point in trying to distribute content about fishing if you’re trying to sell a bodybuilding product. The traffic (potential buyers) that you generate from the “fishing-related” content won’t be interested in buying your product because the traffic won’t be targeted since they would be interested in the subject of “fishing”…not “bodybuilding.”

Relevancy is very important.

Okay… once you have found relevant, free PLR content that you have permission to repackage and distribute freely (according to the “terms and conditions” of the content provider,) you are ready to get your content prepared for distribution.

Basically, you should read through the free PLR content to ensure that it’s of good quality. You may also want to edit it to some extent, in order to make it unique to you. (This is still quicker and easier than having to write all of the content yourself. So you’re still saving time and effort here.)

If you feel you can add to the content to make it even better, then heck, do it!

If you find an entire book (or report) as one of your free PLR content, you can break up the content of that book into shorter pieces or articles…and offer them as various “Parts” or sections.

After you’ve broken the content up into short articles, you can add your affliate (or resale product) sales/promotional links to the end of those articles, and start posting them on the Internet. (I’ve explained how to get those links, in previous sections of this series.)

One of the best places to post your “new” content is on article databases like

Important: Before you post your content to these article databases, be sure to read through the rules and terms of those databases, to be sure you’re following their submission procedures precisely.

By doing so, you will ensure that your articles have a much better chance of getting accepted and published by these article databases.

Remember, these article databases are already getting a lot of traffic, i.e. readers and potential buyers. So, abide by their rules if you want to capitalize on their traffic.

That is the gist of creating traffic out of thin air. Posting to free article databases is one of my favorite methods. If you’re interested in learning more detailed steps about this method, just let me know.

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