Most Internet marketers struggle to get enough website
traffic, yet ignore one of the most powerful tools that
would help solve this problem. Most of them completely
ignore the venerable press release or “news release.”

Here’s why and how you should start using press releases in your
marketing mix today.

If you use start using press releases today, you’ll
probably zip right past your competitors who don’t use
them – grabbing major market share. That’s reason enough
to actually learn to use this very simple tool.

Those who don’t use press releases assume that they are
complicated, or some tool that only PR firms would
understand. In actuality, they are generally just a
1-page summary of some newsworthy event that tells the
media why and how they should contact you to get the full
story. To get the preferred format for a press release,
you only need to “google” the term “press release

The press release is really just suppose to grab the
media person’s attention and entice them into contacting
you. That means that it absolutely must have contact
details that will be valid any time. You need to include
a phone number that will be answered, because otherwise
you might miss your BIG opportunity.

One good press release can get you hundreds of thousands
of dollars in free publicity. A decent-sized ad in an
industry magazine could cost you $50,000 or more. Yet,
let the editors at that magazine know that you have a
story that would interest their readers, and they could
give you a free five to ten page spread.

Free publicity in the media is even generally more
effective than paid advertising. The reason is that when
the media features you, they are also indirectly
endorsing you. They are telling their audience, “Here is
someone that we think you should pay attention to!” That
can be very powerful, and doesn’t raise the reader’s
defenses like reading an ad does.

Press releases can also be used for search engine
optimization. The major search engines crawl all the
major press release sites. They often crawl them almost
continuously. They know that this is the place to find
the latest information on topics that are HOT, and that
their users are actively searching for.

Many search engines often list items found on press
release sites first, before listing any other type of
content. That means that if you have a search engine
optimized press release on one of the popular press
release sites (or on all of the top free press release
sites), you will instantly rank for some of your most
important key words.

The secret to using press releases for search engine
optimization is to make sure that you do have your most
relevant keywords in the title of your press release, as
well as sprinkled throughout the body. If you submit the
press release to sites that allow it, and the press
release is primarily for SEO, you should also have your
most important keywords as anchor text in your

After you’ve written your press release you can submit
it to any of hundreds of paid or free press release sites.
For most purposes, you probably don’t need to use a paid
site. Just submit to the top 10-20 free press release
sites and your press release will be syndicated all over
the Internet.

Since media personalities often search for sources/experts
on the Internet, if your press release is in enough places,
it will get noticed.

Now that you know press releases are a very effective tool,
start using them today. Publish press releases often. Do
it before your competitors discover them :-)


Willie Crawford is a 12-year veteran of internet marketing.
One of his favorite methods of driving visitors to his, and
his clients websites is via search engine optimized press
releases. He submits his press releases to dozens of the top
sites using the automatedpress release submission service at

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