How to use Yahoo! Answer

To Improve Traffic and Make Profit?

Do you think your business is less likely to succeed because you do not know much about the internet, and how to do business in the World Wide Web? If the preceding chapters seem too much to handle, you have not seen it all. Let me add that forums where internet browsers get free information and answers to their questions may increase the probability of profiting on the internet.

If you can convert one sale for every 50 website visitors, then you need more traffic. Thousands and thousands of visitors will be necessary for you to make good sales from your visitors and therefore good commission for you.

We have discussed how PayPerClick method can help add to your traffic. We also discussed that keywords can help you build excitement to your products and additional get traffic as well.

Autoresponders used in your landing page as an affiliate marketer may give you additional traffic.

In addition, social bookmarking like digg and stumbleupon can do good in adding traffic to your website, product, or affiliate program.

By this time, if you were able to follow the tips mentioned above, you would already have a good and targeted mailing list you can market with.

Let us complete the bookmarking resources; you can take advantage of Yahoo! Answers.

What is Yahoo! Answers?

Yahoo! Answers is one of the most successful questions and answers communities in the internet. It is very successful in its social bookmarking activities and many internet browsers run to Yahoo! Answer when they have a question.

Yahoo! Answers now rank as second most popular website behind WikiPedia. This is based on ComScore ratings. ComScore is a reputation internet research entity and thus you can trust their ratings.

Because of its popularity, Yahoo! Answers rank high on search engines. Thus, if you post questions or answer questions in Yahoo! Answers, you will get you name and your product or service up in search engines.

How do you do this? Search Yahoo! Answers for questions you can answer that is relevant to your niche. If you feel that you have the best possible answer to this question, post it. Ensure however that you put a link to your landing page or your product. Do you remember that we asked you to use a domain name that is relevant to your niche? You can only put a link to your domain if it is relevant to the question and the answer you are providing.

Yahoo! Answers prohibits putting a link that is not relevant to the post. If your domain name is not relevant, it may be deleted. You therefore do not get a list from this post.

Yahoo! Answers generates more traffic to websites by linking into it. Many have taken this route with more success than they have imagined.

Benefits marketers get from Yahoo! Answers

  • It builds your reputation as an expert in your field or niche.

  • You get traffic for your site by putting up a link.

  • Yahoo! Answers give you more understanding of the needs your potential customers have.

  • You may leverage on the search engines ranking of Yahoo! Answers to reach as many potential customers as possible

  • You can network. This is if the person posting the question allows contact. If not, then the link should do the work for you.

Yahoo! Answers will build reputation as an expert

People post questions to Yahoo! Answers that they need immediate response to. If you can post relevant answers, you will be able to build trust from the people who benefited from your answers. Having to answer as many questions in your niche may help you build the reputation as an expert.

Once you are perceived as an expert in your field, people will trust you. They will start to search for you and try to know as much as they can from you. They will therefore click the link to your website or other related articles pertinent to your niche.

This will give you an added advantage if you want to generate more traffic to your website.

You may need to ensure that you post useful answers that will benefit as many people as possible.

Ensure as well that you put a link to your website or relevant webpage to the questions posted.

Never put up a link that is not within the topic if you do not want to be banned from Yahoo! Answers.

You get traffic for your site, including eHow and ClickBank.

Your reputation in the World Wide Web goes a long way. If people perceive you to be the expert in such a field, they will go to you for additional questions. They will run to you for solutions to their problems and because they feel they can trust you, whatever you say or offer may have its weight. This is where your affiliate products can help you profit from your good reputation.

Thus, the link to your website needs to be part of your answer. This is especially so if the domain name you choose is pertinent to the subject of the question you are answering.

If however your domain name is not relevant to the issue but you have an eHow article that may be relevant to the question, use that link instead of your website link. Of course, you can also use eHow to link to your website, this may take a longer route, but it may work well to your advantage.

You will generate additional income from eHow articles coming from your Yahoo! Answers link.

This goes through with your ClickBank affiliate products. If you feel that the answer to the question is your ClickBank product, put a couple of paragraphs in the Yahoo! Answers post and then put the link to the ClickBank product.

To better your chances of giving solution to your visitors a problem; you may put up the landing page link where you may be able to get the email address of your potential customer.

Refer back to Chapter 9 where you will need the landing page to induce browsers to provide you with their email address so you can send freebies. Once you have them active in your mailing list, it will be then easy for you to send them occasional offers and new products.

Let me reiterate, do not post a link in your answer that is not relevant to the question. This is to avoid being banned from Yahoo! Answers.

Get more insights from you niche through Yahoo! Answers

As mentioned above, people who want answers to their problems go to Yahoo! Answers. By reading their questions and the questions of other people in your niche, you will get an understanding of your potential clients well.

You may also search for other potential customers using your niche keywords. This research will therefore provide you with an understanding of the needs your niche market have. Provide the solution to their problems and they will surely love to receive updates and offers because your list trusts you can help them live a better life.

In turn, this endeavor will make you a profitable affiliate marketer and internet entrepreneur.

Many businesses have improved their services from the knowledge they have about their customers and their problems. Providing the solution, the best solution to the issues faced by your niche market will help you leverage from your expertise and therefore become a super rich affiliate.

Design your campaign and provide relevant information that your niche market is hungry for. They will not hesitate to refer you to their friends and colleagues as well.

You not only increase your list from the people who posts their questions to Yahoo! Answers, but you may also take advantage of the word of mouth referral from your mailing lists. Your potential earning will therefore multiply as the effect of viral marketing creates a halo effect in your business.

From the insights that you get by reading questions your niche has posted in Yahoo! Answers may enable you to create a product or look for other related products to promote in your affiliate portfolio.

Additionally, you may leverage on the search engines ranking of Yahoo! Answers. Thus, even those that do not visit Yahoo! Answers but who may search for keywords in your niche will easily find you. Ranking high on search engines truly has its benefits to you the internet marketer.

Again, ensure that you have link to your landing page where you can lead them to e-courses, newsletters and the products you are offering.

Internet browsers will perceive you as the expert in your field when they see that you can help them solve their problems. If your products can compliment your advice, then it will not be hard for them to trust and therefore buy from you.

Good reputation will increase traffic for your website. Traffic in your website will equate to success and scalability of your products and the products that you are affiliated with. Take advantage of the traffic building websites including Yahoo! Answer.

If we get back to the example that you can one sale in every 50 visitors to your website, then the traffic you may generate from Yahoo! Answers may already provide you with good commission as an affiliate.

You can network at Yahoo! Answers

Some member of Yahoo! Answers allows contacts. If you are fortunate that people in Yahoo! Answers will allow you to contact them, then that is wonderful. You may also take advantage of other marketers in Yahoo! who may work with you on some subject.

If this happens, you will not only increase traffic to your website and thus build your mailing list but you have a partner who may offer complimentary products to your team. Being partners with other marketers will help you keep your business up and running. If they network through business associations in the offline world, networking on the internet works the same way. You get contact in other fields and may therefore work with them on other endeavors.

Having a network helps work at home entrepreneurs keep their sanity even if they will have to work alone most of the time. Take advantage of networking because it will help you to be a strong and successful affiliate marketer and internet entrepreneur at the same time.

Answering questions in Yahoo! Answers will give you many benefits if you learn how to take advantage of it. Let me reiterate that should you answer questions give the best answer, provide relevant link and leverage as much as you can.

Next, we look at another important affiliate marketing strategy. Review sites may prove to be a profitable tool for you. Let us look at it and understand how you can use it to your advantage.

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