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In Using Social Bookmarking Sites Like

Digg And Stumbleupon (web2.0)

We have discussed in the preceding posts about the possibility of being a profitable internet entrepreneur through Affiliate Marketing programs. We have also registered your domain name that speaks to your market directly.

We have discussed how to choose a web-hosting service that will provide connectivity to ensure customers will reach you anywhere they are and anytime they want. Also, you know that autoresponders and niche researching may help build your business to a profitable level.

We already know how to choose a product to promote if you do not have your own product to market.

In my previous posts, you’ve learned how to research your competitor and to use keywords that will enable you to keep a profitable internet business.

Now, let us discuss how you will increase your websites profitability using social bookmarking.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a way for internet users, entrepreneurs, and social networks to organize, store, search and manage bookmarks. Bookmarking is a tool to easily share, manage, and keep Web pages, stories or articles. Bookmarking a story or article in the internet will help browsers understand the usability, effectiveness, or ineffectiveness of their campaign.

Social networks commonly use social bookmarking however; many internet entrepreneurs take advantage of social bookmarks as well. Internet entrepreneurs use bookmarking to keep their niche market an exciting niche by publishing stories and articles that will help them rank high on search engines or in their own niche network.

By bookmarking a story, article, or webpage, you can broadcast your favorite pages or campaigns and share it with you friends, social contacts and even the general public if you so desire.

Using bookmarking in your campaigns will help you understand the acceptance of people in your niche. You can also use social bookmarking to reach as many customers and having a link back to your website, you may take advantage of bookmarking popularity.

There are controversies with social bookmarking. Some people give a positive note or a negative note on a story or article. Some stories and articles bookmarked deceive the readers in favor of their niche. If it is your competitor making a negative note on your campaign or article, the effect could be detrimental.

This may be unfair but then, you should not worry too much. There are ways to correct issue like this and if you are an internet entrepreneur, you do not have much time for issues like this. Of course, having a few negative comments on top of masses of positive reactions to your campaign will help advertise your product.

The marketing community has this to say, “Good or Bad publicity is still publicity.” If this is so, then social bookmarking even with negative note may turn around to your advantage.

Now, let us move on to the social bookmarking tools.

What is Digg?

Digg is a website designed for people feels that they have discovered a treasure on the internet and wants to share links and stories. Digg is likewise a tool to vote and comment about a subject, story, or niche in a social and democratic spirit. Digg is available and helpful to anyone and anywhere on the internet.

Sharing and discovering helps the digged story or link to rank high in search engine and in social networks. The many people digg your article or story, the more it is probable to rank high on search engines. The more your niche will become popular and increase the possibility that products in such a niche may sell good.

All a browser needs to do is click the digg icon if he wants to share a certain story or link. He also has the control of who he wants to share the story or link to; it may be public or private.

A story that is worth sharing on the internet can be digged. While an irrelevant story or deceptive link may be buried in the bury icon of digg.

Thus, if you have a useful article to share and people digg that story. The digg website will put your story or link in the digg stories.

If the article refers to a solution to a problem your niche market is having, it will generate more excitement and thus you may gain good sales for your products or the products you are affiliated with.

It is therefore important that you send your stories or links to digg and invite people to digg your story. Avoid the bury button, of course.

Next, we talk about stumbleupon.

What is stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is another web browser plug-in and internet community that allow its users to discover and rate WebPages, photos and videos. Having stumbleupon toolbar help browsers and people who want to share their learnings and stories. Sharing your discovery with friends and social contacts helps them learn what you have and read the stories that appeal to you.

Good WebPages will get thumbs up while irrelevant and unuseful WebPages will get a thumps down. A neutral rating may not do well but then the impression may still count to your advantage.

Thus, if you are an internet marketer who wants to take advantage of good ratings from social bookmarking, then present a useful and relevant webpage. Having a good social bookmarking comment may help improve your profitability as an internet marketer.

Affiliate marketers likewise take advantage of social bookmarking to get good ranking for the products they promote.

The comments from stumbleupon and digg friends may help improve the profitability of a certain product. It will likewise increase its popularity and thus rank high on search engines.

If it your article, story or campaign, you are poised at increasing your customer base. Always offer a freebie to a new subscriber. Answer his needs the way he wants to and you will surely have a ready and willing buyer.

It is therefore important that if you are an affiliate marketer, you have to know the product you promote by heart. Do you have something good to share? Share it and ensure that you have social bookmarking icons to increase your chances of getting good comments from diggers and stumbleupon friends.

BTW, my favorite bookmarking site tool is

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