I’m Ross Dalangin, I’m good in SEO and so focused at list building that’s
why I didn’t create any product for the last two years. I learned SEO more than a decade ago
and I’m still updated with current SEO trend. I’ve been FULL-TIME in IM since 2006, created
several products related to IM thing.

Enough about me…Let me help you build your list!

Why is a mailing list so powerful?

It´s simple! A website visitor reads your site once, then leaves and is unlikely to come back. A member of your mailing list can be contacted by you over and over again!

It’s easy to create an offer.

But it’s hard to find people who are both interested in what you offer, and who are willing to spend money in the first place.

I had a terrible time trying to find good buyers in all of my previous businesses.

Maybe because of my experience and tons of time figuring out what’s the matter with me why I’m not able to build my list so fast, I’m now able to capture their email addresses willingly.

“To succeed online you need to build an email list
of people who all have something in common and with money!”

Send email, make sales. As simple as that.

If you can send out an email in the morning to hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people who all have one thing in common, and offer them something that’s relevant to their interests, you can make money.


Now, that sounds a lot simpler than it really is in practice I know.

Thankfully for you, I’m proud to be able to share my expertise with anyone willing to put up with me…

As you build your own list of subscribers, I expect you’ll start seeing your income increase steadily with every new subscriber. That’s why I stress that the single most important thing you can do is to Get More Subscribers!

The more people you can send emails to that are interested in what you have to offer, the more money you can make.

What I will do is to get you direct subscribers by promoting your squeeze page through my own email list and every kind of promotion available to me like:

  • I will create an article for your product/services
  • I will post that article to my Blogs
  • I will submit to article directories
  • I will ping the list
  • I will create a video of your promo and submit to video sites.
  • Your link is included of course to the articles
  • Your offer will be in my thank you pages
  • I will post your offer every now and then to my twitter, facebook and fan page with thousands of followers and friends.
  • I will advertise the page where your squeeze page and mine are exposed.
  • and many more…
For Only $17
This is absolutely a steal. Grab the opportunity before I charge high.

The money is in the list. It’s been said over and over again and yes, it is true, the money is in the list, yet so many IMers don’t get this.

You won’t be able to find a similar service, especially not at this price…

My service will help you quickly grow a responsive email list so that you can start doing ad-swaps, send offer to them and/or offer Solo Ads to start making your own money.

The subscribers you will get will be people searching for opportunities and new ways to make money, so you know how you can plan you campaigns.

We have hundreds of domains and you know me…I created several products which mostly affiliate marketing or make money online related. This means that I know what I’m doing and I’m not fly by night.

Before you signup, here’s some tip if you want to get huge list:

Create A Compelling Reason To Join Your List

People don’t want to “join a list.” They want to get solutions to their problems, get educated and have their fears taken away. Just offering something free as an incentive to get people to join your list is not enough.

Instead, you’ve got to offer something so compelling that they won’t even think twice about joining your list. This is where you really need to nail down who you think your most likely buyers are.

Once you’ve identified your most likely buyers (and there may be a handful of different buyer types), think about what their most important problems are. These are the things that, if they had a solution for it, would immediately help them out or change their situation for the better.

Why I added this? It’s because will work hard to increase your list and site traffic. So this means, I don’t want my hard work not to succeed unless you just want traffic and not subscribers.

This opportunity is not for everybody because I will only accept offers related to make money or affiliate/internet marketing.

After the payment, just send me the URL of your Freebie.

Best Regards,


Note: Please remember that this service is white hat, real people that subscribe to list. Don’t expect that it’s instant. We are not a co-reg company that sells subscribers. We tried to convince them to subscribe. You must also do your part to make your landing page be desirable for them to enter their email address. We are here to give traffic at very affordable price.

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