Database Import

Accessing the Database: Go to CPanel and Find the MySQL Databases Link.

Importing SQL Dump

Creating a Database: To create your database you need to fill up the text box with the label New Database and click the command button [Create Database].

Improting SQL Dump

Creating a User: To create a user you have to fill up the user name and password on the text boxes below. After filling it up you just need to click the command button [Create User].

Importing SQL Dump

Linking the User to the Database: You have to select what privileges you want to give to the user you created. Clicking the check box [ALL] will give a user all the privileges. In the User combo box you need to select which user you want to give a link to the database and with the Database combo box you have to select what database name to link the user. Next step is to click the command button [Add User To Database].

Importing SQL Dump

Accessing phpMyAdmin: To access phpMyAdmin you just need to select the phpMyAdmin link.

Importing the Database

Select the Database: To select the database you have to click the database you created. Usually the selection of database is at the left column.

Clicking the Import Tab: To access the Import module you just need to click the tab [Import].

Selecting the database dump: To select the database dump you just need to click the command button [Browse] to browse your local folder. The character set of the file default is utf8. Most sql dump uses this type of character set.

Process the Import: To process the importing your last step is to click the command button [Go].

Congratulations  You’re done importing the database dump!

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