Do you want to become a successful internet entrepreneur? You are sure that you understand what Affiliate Marketing is and how your website can help you become profitable in your business.

You are sure your domain name describes your business to get people excited and to come to you if they need your product. You ensure that the web-hosting service perform as you want it to.

Another important step in a profitable internet business is reaching as many targeted customers as possible. How do you do this? Autoresponders can help you.

To understand how autoresponders can help you become successful internet entrepreneurs, we will discuss autoresponders and the most popular autoresponder, (

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program that enables you to send response and emails to your email contacts automatically. It also helps you generate as many contacts and builds your list so you can distribute your campaigns and messages to as many potential customers as possible.

Autoresponders help you test marketing campaigns that will help you sell as many products as possible. It will also help you reach a many customers for the products you affiliate your business with.

Autoresponder will help you become successful. However, the cost may hurt you if you do not choose your autoresponder properly.

Many internet entrepreneurs claim that AWeber is able to help them succeed in their business. Now, let us see how AWeber can help you.

What is AWeber and how it can help build your list?

AWeber is a web-based autoresponder service. AWeber is easy to setup and there is not much technical knowledge you need to have to get full advantage of its features. AWeber likewise earned high rating with regards to ease of use and excellent service. Aweber info here and here

Now, how can AWeber help build your mailing list? Easy, the features and benefits AWeber provides internet marketers include the following:

  • You can create as many autoresponder messages as possible.

  • Unlimited personalize follow up will keep you connected with your potential clients.

  • Unlimited message length and easy edit templates will help you even if you do not understand HTML as much. AWeber is available in both HTML and text format.

  • The pre-designed HTML templates will provide easy management for fonts, colors, and images.

  • Automatic ad tracking features provide you with understand of your campaigns.

  • Unsubscribe feedback will also help you understand what went wrong when mail recipients decide to stop receiving your messages.

  • Free and unlimited support will ensure that should any problem exist, you will be able to fix it with the help of the customer support from AWeber.

Forum posts and unlimited positive reviews of AWeber will ensure that you will understand the features and benefits of AWeber. Understanding AWeber and using it to your advantage will ensure that your business becomes profitable, as you would want it to be.

To get more subscribers you need to offer something for free like a report or newsletter. What I do is I advertise through Adwords, Craigslist and eBay to get my report for free and inside the report or newsletter, I embedded my affiliate links. Imagine how many visitors in eBay who can see my advertisement.

Having a huge list is great. Imagine if you have 10,000 subscribers and get at least 1% conversion then it’s a possibility that you can get at least 100 sales. If you have 100 sales of $50 commissions then you have $5,000 income per email sent to your list.

Landing Page (Squeeze Page)

Landing Page or Squeeze page is the way Internet Marketers capture email addresses. It is best used for pay per click campaigns (PPC).

There are two types of landing pages, the reference and the transactional landing page. The reference landing page is a page where in related information like compilation of links and contents like text and images while the transactional landing page deals with converting visitors into buyers or subscribers.

Internet marketers like the transactional landing page because it converts. The goal of making visitors into subscriber is to hook them and become a buyer.

Here’s an example of a high converting format of a transactional landing page:

The format is very direct. Bulleted description of the offer that would land your visitors into subscriber and the place for your autoresponder to collect their email address is the main reason to hook your visitors. The privacy policy that you’re not interested to sell or share their information is very important.

“ PRIVACY POLICY: Your privacy is important to us.
We will never sell or rent your email address
and you can unsubscribe at any time. “

Don’t worry, the templates are included in the download area.

The $7 Secrets Method

The method of $7 Secrets gives 100% commission to his affiliates. Over delivering, irresistible offer and with 100% commissions…what else can you ask for? When I use this method, I immediately earn more than $4,000 and generate 3,652 subscribers in just few days.

How is this possible?

When you create a great product, sell them your product with the price from $7 to $27 and offer your report to your buyers the 100% commission by converting to be an affiliate of your product.

The impact of this method is viral because when they see your product to be informational then they will surely promote your product to get the 100% commission in exchange of email addresses that you can collect when someone buys from their affiliate links.

Month after month or everyday, they will wait for your email to get more offer from you because of the quality and the 100% commission that they can get when promoting your products.

Get it here:

Another example of my landing page is:

I used this landing page at Quick Minisite Builder:

Note: In sending emails to your subscribers, do not give them promotional information all the time, give them freebies also. Help them by giving them information that is always relevant to what they want. Ask them what they really want and other niche that they are interested in.

Next thing you need to know is how to get instant traffic by the ue of PPC or Payperclick.

As I always says, my favorite is the Warrior Forum. Go to the Joint Ventures section and find people who do ad swap. It means you will send your partner’s ad to your list while your partner will send your ad to his list. Ad swap is one big secret to building list fast.

There is also called co-registration, don’t buy a list of more than a month because it’s not responsive. Buy a list if it is less than 7 days and always ask how many people they sell the list.

Have you tried using the JV Giveaway sites? Just search Google about JV Giveaway Events and lots of Free JV Giveaways will come up. I’ve heard Easter JV Giveaway was successful before. I’m also planning to create my own script for these kind of list building activities. The sites that come up to my mind is, and I use the wordpress newsletter theme to get new subscribers even the script is not yet created. If you bought any of my script then you should be on my list and most probably you have a username and password so all you have to do is login and download it, there are several new added bonuses in there. Sorry to those who didn’t have tried buying my products before because you don’t access. So if you want it then get any of my product and I will allow you to be on my bonus membership. Just send me a message at my helpdesk

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