You feel like your website is so boring?  You think that upgrading your site will give you more opportunities to earn bigger?  You are so eager to improve your site yet you don’t have enough budgets to spend? You’re lucky! You can now spice up your site with the help of Simple PHP!


Simple PHP is created by Robert Plank who holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from California State University Stanislaus.  Simple PHP is an incredible book that takes you step by step to do some simple steps to upgrade and enhance your site.  It is written in plain English so you don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science to understand it.  This book is also fun!  Imagine! Instead of taking a boring textbook style approach to learn, this book will actually bring yourself to a good start of earning more than what you expect!  This book will help you, even if you’re only on Chapter 1, Page 1 of reading you are actually starting to create something interesting. Really fantastic!

Simple PHP will provide you code games, quizzes and other lead-building tools.  It will easily help you personalize your page and make easy access code for yourself.  It can even create an autoresponder because it also has MixJavaScript with PHP for a powerful combination.  Great!


This book has several components that will definitely be beneficial to you!  It has a simple PHP Volume Downloadable Manual that gives you weekly assignments to maximize your learning.  It also gives you Name Razor: The Ultimate Naming Tool that contains nearly a thousand namelets which you can use to generate names for your shiny new programs.  What’s good about this book is it offers you essential script installation video tutorials that will allow you to save money for not paying anybody just to install your scripts!  Really can save you a lot!  Last but not the least is that it, in fact, has an inclusion of a Simple PHP Training Videos that can save you tons of time to get a hang of a script in just 15 minutes!


So wonderful? Of course!  Be quick and start clicking the order button and you’re on your way to your wealthy journey!  For only $39.9, you can own this Simple PHP Volume 1 and start learning PHP the easy way.

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