Dear readers,

I’m going to be personal today. I maybe changing some techniques or just enhancing the way I’m about to pursue.

We always plan, we always plan ahead but did we see the path we are taking or did we oversee to end of our journey to be successful? We have plans, how about the action?

We know that we have to build our list to make more money. We focused on giving traffic and make our sales copy so irresistible to get sales. Modifying our sales letter to convert more. We tried to add OTOs, upsell, downsell and improve backends. We focused on quality but sometimes we neglect the customers, our support needs to answer. I’m sorry if I fail to some, it’s because of the system we are using. We’re updating our process to serve you better.

As you can see, I already revised the design of this blog to capture emails. Well, it’s really is the purpose. I’m open for you that I’m really eager to get your emails to be my subscriber. This is the IM thing (you have to understand), when you have a big list, you can send offers to your list any time you want. However, you see me that I frequent send emails for offers, there’s always information that is really important when I send one and when I send an offer, I make sure it’s a good deal and could improve your business or you learn something. I frequently send freebies also and when someone send me a good freebie, I’ll ask the them if it’s okay to send it also to my list so my list will benefit also.

An hour ago, I visited and I saw a good post. I think it could also change your life or add something for the better. The post title is “Living Life Like a Champion” by Heather Bassham Sumlin, it’s about the lessons she learned from his father.

His lessons are fairly simple and here are three you can implement today:

1. “Determine a Dream Worth Trading Your Life For” – we, most of the time add something in our business or we do our ways to make money online repetitively and almost the same output. We have to change, we have to dare ourselves to do differently so the output is different but always think, it should be for the better. It should be for something you should be proud of. It should be something you trade your time or your life for the better. Remember that your family is a good thing that comes to your life, spend your time with happiness.

2. “Giving it 110% is a sure way to lose!” – we will be tired if we always do more, we have to think, we have to think smart, we have to delegate. LEVERAGE is the key, why not outsource the things that you think could not add more income to you but so important if you didn’t do? Work smart.

3. “Discipline Yourself to Become a Solution-Based Thinker” – sometimes there are times you have to choose, you business or the future of your business. Your income or the potential income that would come in the future. You have to think, think outside the box. Idea generation is what we need. Is it fresh? is it profitable? is it good? is it doable? DO IT! Get the solution.

Most products we see today always focus on the improvement of the customers. We have to think on what they eagerly want, we have to solve their problems to buy from us.

So Make Money Online The Right Way – Is It Really Mind Matters? what really matters is you have to love your customers. Give them what they want, give them what they like, create a product they’re wishing. They will subscribe if you are true to them or if they feel you really care.

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