Most internet marketers problem is list building. Improving the list size of their subscriber-base is always included in their plan. How would you increase your mailing list is really a question to many. Some even use several techniques, some black hat, gray hat and any they think. Sometimes, small things or small changes could have a big impact.


Have you tried, changing or adding the content of your blogs? Have you tried using the power of press releases? Have you tired of using the bum marketing or article marketing? Have you tried using the video marketing or uploading videos to video sites? Are you aware that you really need to focus on keyword research to get lots of traffic? If you have a traffic, did you convert it well? How many visitors you have daily? Is it enough?


In online world, you need the traffic and convert that traffic into cash. What I did today is changing the look and feel of my blog and my freebie page. I feel that making my offer in front of visitors eyes is really needed (hot spot). I’ve added some plugins like “What Would Seth Godin Do” and plugins related to SEO.


The plugin What Would Seth Godin Do, I think is a great plugin even though it is a task. A simple task that is so powerful to encourage visitors to subscribe. It added whatever text you want to add. You can also specify the number of times they visit your message will stay the first time they visit your site. My message “If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my newsletter or download my make money online blueprint. Thanks for visiting!” attract users to download a report and/or subscribe to my newsletter.


The simple tasks that I’ve made would add a weight to my blog in order to improve the size of my list. Did you agree? Take a look at it. Check every portion of my site and you will agree. Hope this article help you. Please share this to your friend. Thanks!

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