An expert interviewed me before and I want to share  it with you.

1.  How long have you been doing internet marketing?
I actually doing Internet Marketing in the late 90s but not for myself but for the companies I was connected with.

I started doing the Internet marketing stuff for myself in the year 2002 but I failed and I go back to the corporate world after a year.

After two years of working again, I did a come back. I’ve decided to do business again online in the year 2005 then leave my job permanently in the year 2006 with $0.00 capital.

2. What led you into this field?
It’s my dream. I want a flexible time and without a boss. I can work in my home office and I can always see my wife and my children. I also love answering good questions because I love helping people. I also enjoy competition that is why learned how to compete my web pages in the search engines.

It’s not really hard for me because I am a programmer and I like technology. I also enjoy selling online because I can just use my computer to do the selling. I don’t need to use cold calling and do direct selling.

When I was in a corporate world, I was late almost everyday. A thing that I don’t like. I don’t want to come late but my body don’t want that setup. My mind want to come early but my body don’t like it. Ahhh, what’s wrong with me.

So deciding to do business online led me to be always present and no late excuses or alibis.

3.  Tell me about your niche or marketing specialty
My target audience are those people who want to make money online. I love forums and searching online that is why I always give my ideas to does people who asked good questions in the only forum that I love most which is the warriorforum.

I know the problem of people like me who want to earn money online and when I have a solution to my problems then I know I have new product. It’s like this, when I have a problem it’s for sure I can think of a new product.

I’ve studied search engine optimization because I know it can help me boost my search engine traffic. So I applied my knowledge in SEO with my scripts/software.

I love computer programming that is why most of my products are related to software and scripts.

I also know that having residual is a way to achieve wealth that is why I created a membership script which I called Best Membership Script

Let me give you an example:

Suppose you have 10,000 subscribers and each subscriber pays you only a dollar a month then that’s mean you can earn $10,000 month after month.

4. How do you work with clients as an Internet Marketer?
I love answering comments, suggestions and solve problems that is maybe the reason why my clients want to do business with me. I always read my emails everyday
and I always open my helpdesk…My helpdesk is a piece of software that can handle the conversation of me and my clients.

As an Internet marketer, I always recommend good products that I think is very useful. A product that I am using.

So what’s work for me will probably work for them too.

So when they have a problem, I always listen. I’m always in a forum not just to post and answer questions, I love doing that and I’ve always in the lookout of the opportunity and the problem they are facing because I always believe that if there’s a problem then there would be a possible solution that could probably lead to create a good product.

5. What are the greatest challenges facing your clients right now?
So far it’s the tools and the right system to use. There are several reports out there that teaches you how to earn money online but because there are so many, they can’t decide what to use first. They can’t decide what to do first and maybe can’t decide if it is really the best way.

Analysis by paralysis
Just take control and act.

It is still how they manage their time and focusing of living traffic is the main problem. They have to adjust on the technolgy. They need to use and maximize resources. And most importantly, they really need to have  robust traffic to their site. It’s useless that I give them tools and informationto make money online if they won’t use it.

They also don’t know that Internet marketing is a number game. Once you have numbers then you’ll win in this game.

There is so called one-time-offer approach which is they can either upgrade or downgrade an offer or make the offer more interesting.

There is so called free offer which can lead to offer another premium offer or one-time-offer.

It’s all goes to selling but selling once can get you one.

Always look in the long term approach like selling membership.

It must be infinite.

Online business always turn to:

  1. Build offer
  2. Build List
  3. Build Traffic

and think “wash….rinse…repeat”

6. Tell me about some of your scripts and why it comes to your mind to do it.

As I’ve said before, my target audience is the people like me who want to  earn money online. So what I think is, I need to share my problem
and my solution.

My problem before is how to research for a good niche. My solution is I grab all products of clickbank and put it in my site so I just need to put more traffic on one site. People can search a product and when they see one and buy then I have a commission.

It’s instant all I have to do is to click an update and all product of clickbank is in my server. No need to copy and paste.

It’s one of my money making product located at

Another problem of mine is how to get more sales.

I’ve been searching for several sales techniques but what I’ve noticed is that they are all focus on testimonials and stories. So it came to my mind that having stories in my
site can give me more traffic and more income. So I first try to put questions and answers like yahoo answer then tried to review several affiliate products.

While reviewing products, one idea comes up. I added stars in my reviews I let other people post their reviews, comments and let them send me suggestions.

While having some additional modules in my site, I created a new product. The reviews script located at

It ease my pain so as my customers. With that two products of mine, me and my customers can test what niche to try when we’ve got sales for having our own clickbank mall and create several review sites by having my review script.

People love to see comments and suggestions before they buy.
People love to search first if the product is good or not.
People want to make their purchase in good terms.
People want to save money.
Having several product reviews means potential sales.
So reviewing products is very profitable.

Thinking of the power of having multiple streams of income is the reason why I ended up developing where anyone even without any knowledge about HTML can create their own profitable websites. The thinking of even having only $1 profit everyday if you have thousands of it could bring down thousands of dollars a day.

Creating killer website 3 to 10 minutes is very easy to do with script because any affiliate marketer can do is just to edit one file to put their keywords, basic information about their niche and affiliate IDs then they’ll just have to upload it in their server together with the articles in text files will instantly build a killer website. How’s that?

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