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There are a lot of people offering article for $2-$5. Every now and then there are new writers looking for reviews and better feedback scores (that’s a rating system that DP is using, very similar to review systems on freelance sites). Because new writers will desperately want to get your feedback, they will lower the prices even to $1 per article. That’s the opportunity for you to save some money.

Do you have lots of ideas but don’t know how to organize them? You know that your ideas might be very effective but you just don’t know where to start. You are definitely sure that those ideas will bring you tons of money but you just don’t know how to maximize them? We sure have the answer to your problem! We can definitely help you organize your ideas, start using your effective ideas and maximize those ideas to earn the unimaginable amount of money you can actually earn! The answer? The process called List Building!


List Building is the most important tool you can use in building income for your own business. It is a process of gathering a list of e-mail addresses for marketing purposes and campaign usage. It is the perfect way of keeping your target market well-informed on new products, services and other important notifications that they may be interested. You just have to remember to always send them links and free products to stay them on your list.

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Make Money by Posting Your Personal Opinion To make money on posting your opinion is cool. I just received a message from a friend telling me that the program he joined was successful. And because I also see the opportunity of this program, I joined..and now earning only $3.11 for three reviews. Here’s the link: […]