You can waste a lot of time and money with your internet marketing efforts if you secretly believe there’s some sort of shortcut.  There may be techniques that work and things that are worth learning about.

The typical brand new internet marketer usually kills his productivity and his bank account by signing up for thousands of different lists that are, ultimately, owned by other marketers.  Once a week they’ll receive e-mails that say, “This is it!  This is THE solution that is finally going to make you lots and lots of money!”  The marketer buys the tools, which may or may not work, and is on to the next thing one week later.  Very few marketers stick to one thing long enough to make any of it effective.

At the end of the day, internet marketing is simple.  You need content.  You need lots of it.  You need to distribute it across the internet so that people have a lot of different ways to find you.  Tell as many people as possible about your business, but make sure you’re only telling the people who are likely to care.

Those basic principles lie at the heart of anything else that anyone might try.  Tools which help you create content and distribute content are generally very useful, if they also work in a fashion that helps you build trust with your customers.  Tools which are automated, spammy, or which rely on mass-submissions to people or directories who don’t have anything to do with your business will ultimately harm both your productivity and your reputation as a marketer.

You can increase your productivity by consciously focusing on the activities which will generate returns for your business.  After awhile, it all comes down to action and work.  Even the best software packages and principles turn useless if you don’t make the step from theory into action.

Don’t approach your internet marketing with an attitude of desperation.  People getting involved with internet marketing because they are desperate is a reality.  Many marketers have successfully gone from “broke” to “bucks.”  But you’re in a vulnerable position when you are broke.  You are vulnerable to promises of “big money NOW” because you NEED “big money NOW.”  If you want to overcome this problem, however, you’re going to have to divorce your needs and your emotions from your actions.  You’re going to have to focus on what’s effective over the long term, knowing the results may not be terribly spectacular in the short term.  Making $45 in your first week as an internet marketer, for example, would be some outstanding, awesome results.  That’s not to say you’ll never get to $4,500 a week.  That’s just saying that you need to re-focus and refine your expectations so that you aren’t getting scammed by the next big seminar, training course, or software package.

If you want to buy a tool, talk to other internet marketers.  Find out whether, how, and why those tools were successful for them.  Find out exactly how they used the tools to succeed in their business.  Duplicate that success for yourself.  Put work time into making it happen.  Be productive.  That’s the only way to get to the pinnacle of internet marketing success.

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