It’s new, exciting and on every major news station on the planet. So, how can you use it to make money? After a couple of very exciting months, during which Pinterest appeared nearly everywhere you looked, marketers took notice and the big question now is how to take it to the next level and start making some money with it. To help you do just that, here are three strategies already being used to great effect to make money online with Pinterest.

Drive Traffic to Affiliate Sites – Pinterest is a powerful tool for driving traffic to nearly any site you link it to. That said, affiliate marketers will have a very easy time generating traffic if they produce high quality pinboards that capture attention. Say, for example, you are driving traffic to dog training products with a review site. To promote this, you could pin the cutest, most enticing pictures of dogs you can find. People love cute pics of, well nearly anything.
Pin Other People’s Stuff – Like any social network, the more you interact with others, the more you will get out of Pinterest. So get on the site, start pinning and other people will pin in return. The classic reciprocal relationship of any good social network will develop quickly. If you pin other peoples’ stuff, they will pin yours. You like mine, I like yours and so on. Just make sure you stick to things that are representative of your account and don’t just go on a pinning spree.
Provide High Quality Images to Offer Value – Why bother offering all those images if you don’t spend some time working on them? More importantly, why allow a perfectly good opportunity to provide value pass you by? Much the same as with Google+, Twitter or Facebook, your pinboards must provide value to the people who view them. That means things like infographics, storyboards and interesting content that will attract attention instead of just filling up space. Don’t be another user with 200 pictures of kittens or half naked women. Offer something of real value and you are guaranteed to generate more traffic and better returns on your investment on the site.

Like any good social network, nothing you do on Pinterest will immediately translate to cash in your pocket. The site doesn’t work like that. But if used properly, Pinterest can do three things for you.

Generate lots of targeted traffic to your sites
Build relationships with like minded users in your niche
Provide value to those users and convince them that your products and/or recommendations are worthwhile

If you use Pinterest to its full potential, you will gain all three of these things as benefits and therefore start to earn more money for whatever business ventures you are currently promoting with Pinterest. It’s not a money tree, but with the right approach, the site can be a powerful tool.


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