Using Core FTP to Transfer Files

Transferring files to your server and downloading your files from your server to your local folder is an easy thing when using an FTP software. I’m using Core FTP lite as my tool to download and upload files to my server. You can download Core FTP Lite at for free. Usually if I want to download an FTP software I go to and I search for “FTP Software” or just the word “FTP”. There are several FTP software there for free.

Some software that I like are Cute FTP and Filezilla, they are all free. Don’t worry they are usuall the same approach as what I’m teaching on this FTP guide.

After downloading the FTP software you need to install it to your PC otherwise you can’t use it 🙂

Anyway, here’s the step for downloading and uploading files:

Step 1. Run the FTP software and Choose the File –> Connect

Using FTP Software

Step 2. Click the [New Site] command button at the lower left of the new window after clicking the File –> Connect menu.

Using FTP Software

Step 3. Enter your domain information like domain name, user name and password and click the [Connect] command button.

Using FTP Software

Step 4. After connecting you’ll see two columns. The left column is your local files and folders and the right column is your remote server. Search for public_html folder and click it. It is your root folder. So everything in there are your content for your []. If you drag and drop files and folders from left to right then it means you uploaded files from your local PC to the remote server otherwise if you drag and drop files or folders from right to left then you downloading files or folders from your server to your local PC.

Using FTP Software

Isn’t it that simple?

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