Hi I’m Ross Dalangin, a Software and Web Developer Since 1991. I always in the jump to get more information about SEO and the behaviour of Search Engines for the benefit of my clients. My scripts deals more on how to make money online. Right now I am busy with my new script CouponsScript.com, the script is about displaying discount coupons and deals. Visitors, business owners and buyers of this script will benefit on this script. It’s win-win.

During the years while I am employed in different companies, I was always do research about making money online. I always join in different money making schemes but most are just scams. I wonders why they do scamming when there are lot of opportunities hidden online and all you have to do is just to dig it. No matter what happened I pursue studying different money making opportunities and now that I know the value of having multiple streams of income, I will share it to you.

After several years of researching and creating scripts I always tried to evaluate my products and if the products will not sell then I will not push it even the scripts I created is 90% done. I always check the possibilities of creating a script that both customers and website owners will benefit. Even advanced Internet Marketers loves my products. A mindset that I always weigh is the win-win approach. My motto for my customer is “buy other similar products of mine if there is and then if you are unhappy with other people’s product then buy mine“.

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