In copywriting you may have heard that your message should always answer the question, “what’s in it for me” … your customer!  Here’s how to do that.

Despite everything we know:

We are all more susceptible to persuasion than we think

The essence of marketing is helping prospects make the right decisions — the decision to buy from YOU.  If you can get a handle on the emotional reasons your customers use to justify their decisions, then you can push those emotional hot buttons in all your printed materials, advertisements, and presentations, as well as in your face-to-face meetings and on your website.

One of the ways to transform your prospects to buyers is to understand that customers never want to be SOLD.  Would that apply to you too?  If it does, then half the battle is won already.  You’ll be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customer easier and answer the question “what’s in it for me”.

The not-so-smart marketer will try to answer that question by simply listing the features of a product.  But the smart marketer — usually by painting a compelling visual picture –explains how the features will benefit the consumer.

So in your sales copy, you may list features, but you’ll want to be sure to describe the benefits they offer.  That’s the way to answer “What’s in it for me.”

Consumers buy products and services for their reasons, not yours.  It’s the reason you’ll want to use the word “You” more than the word “We” in your messages.  When you present the benefits of your products or services, frame them with your prospects’ emotional interests in mind, not your own.

Adjust Your Focus from “Me” to “You”

You’ll be sure to capture your customer’s attention if you focus your marketing on their concerns.

To sell effectively, you need to be familiar with the full range of consumers’ feelings.  If you know why people buy products and services like yours…what makes them feel good about their decision…

You can highlight those reasons in your sales messages to make it more effective and practically irresistible.

When asked why they’re making a purchase, people generally say they’re motivated by one of these five key emotions:

Fear of Loss
Desire for Gain
Desire for Comfort
Desire for Personal Satisfaction

When your potential clients are all revved-up by the benefits offered by a feature of your product, you want to capitalize on that emotion immediately.

Also seize the opportunity by repeating a “Click here to order now” message or button several times throughout your offer.

Remember that the key to answering the question “what’s in it for me”, is to help THEM. Be sure you list the benefits they will gain once they start to use YOUR AMAZING PRODUCT!

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