Today, I visited the Internet Marketing Inner Circle and saw this article so I will share it with you. This article is from Willie Crawford. Enjoy!

If you are not making a lot of sales from your website,
and you’ve never been in direct sales before, then
you’re probably making some very basic mistakes, and
can easily increase your sales.

Even if you have been in direct sales before, if you
haven’t thought the process through, you’re probably
making some very basic mistakes on your website – and
that’s killing sales.

Making sales from a webpage is really not that different
than making sales face-to-face. Yes, you have to do it
using html, instead of verbally, but the process isn’t

First of all, you have to anticipate and answer your
prospect’s objections. If you’ve ever gone through any
type of direct sales training, a big part of it was
probably going over answers to the various objections
that your prospects are likely to raise. You probably
had to practically memorize answers to the most common
objections. You practiced answering those objections
until you were blue in the face.

Your online sales process should be NO different. You
should spend time brainstorming possible objections
that people who read your website, or email, might raise,
and then you need to have ready answers to those objections.

Since your email readers or website visitors can’t
express those objections to you, you have to answer them
as if they were raised. You make a list of most-probable
objections and then you answer them – right in your copy.

After you have been marketing your product or service for
a while, and gotten more feedback from your customers,
you will also have them provide you with NEW objections.
You need to incorporate the responses to those in your
revised web copy and emails.

The process of selling is an interactive process. Even on
a webpage it MUST be interactive to be effective. You
must enter the conversation already going on inside of your
prospect’s head. You must jump into that conversation
as convincingly as you would if that person were sitting
across the kitchen table from you.

Far too many online marketers fail to even consider the
fact that their websites and emails ARE conversations with
prospects. You can’t afford to do that.

Actually sit down and brainstorm this conversation. Make
a list of possible/probably objections, and then answer
them. Incorporate the answers to those objections into your
web and email copy. Do this and you will notice a dramatic
increase in your conversion rates.

The sales process is largely responding to objections
(reasons that your customer won’t buy). If you don’t
address those “reasons” then you shouldn’t expect to make

Now, you know what the problem is and how to fix it.


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